ND residents like living in ND


A Gallup poll released yesterday found that people in North Dakota like living there. The state ranked very high in resident satisfaction in schools, job availibility, air quality, and overall standard of living. North Dakota ranked number one on an array of areas including economics, public affairs, education, the environment and general well-being. Governer Jack Dalrymple explained that North Dakota has been dedicated to creating jobs and helping its economy to thrive for some time now. The state’s average income has more than doubled since the year 2000.
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ND oil regulators to add 3 pipeline inspectors


The North Dakota Department of Mineral Resource says it's adding three new pipeline inspector positions.
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Re-fracking brings 'vintage' oil and gas wells back to life


A fracking boom isn’t enough for U.S. oil and gas producers – they’re now starting the re-fracking boom.
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Inside North Dakota's latest fracking problem


From his driveway, Tom Wheeler's view of North Dakota's sprawling grasslands seems endless. Fields of soy, wheat and canola stretch to the horizon in all directions. But as drillers flock to the state to cash in on North Dakota's booming shale play, that horizon has become increasingly marked by natural gas flares.
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Adding resource value

(Petroleum News Bakken)

To encourage innovation within the state, a group of energy industry leaders have recommended tax incentive bills to be considered in the 2015 legislative session. The EmPower North Dakota Commission presented policy requests to the interim legislative Energy Development and Transmission Committee on Aug. 14.
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North Dakota getting more pipe in the ground

(Petroleum News Bakken)

While pipelines and railroads continue to compete for Williston Basin crude oil market share (see story below), North Dakota is seeing progressively more miles of pipeline being constructed in the state. Figures released by the North Dakota Pipeline Authority, NDPA, on Aug. 15 indicate that in 2013, a total of 2,578 miles of pipeline were constructed in the state, bringing the total number of miles of pipe to 19,934. That is an increase of 15 percent over 2012, and a 70 percent increase over the 11,707 miles of pipe that were in the ground in 2009 (see chart in the Bakken Stats section on page 9).
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