Legislative tour a good idea, but needs expansion

(The Jamestown Sun)

Earlier this week, a group of influential North Dakotans — many from the eastern side of the state — boarded a 40-seat stagecoach and took a two-day tour of the so-called “Wild West.”
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Leader of Bakken drug ring gets 20 years prison

(Yahoo! News)

A federal judge sentenced the leader of an interstate drug ring to 20 years in prison Friday for his role in a major trafficking operation that stretched from western Washington to the Bakken oil fields of the Northern Plains.
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Expertise here at home

(Petroleum News Bakken)

North Dakota’s best potential for pipeline leak detection may be technology that is being researched in its own backyard. To keep up with the growing volumes of natural gas, crude oil and saltwater in North Dakota, pipeline operators have installed more than 2,000 miles of new pipeline each year since 2011, and leak detection in those pipelines is a major concern for the state.
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Heitkamp Announces Important Step Forward to Combat Violence Against Women in the Bakken Region

(Senator Heidi Heitkamp)

U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp today announced the grantees for the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)’s $3 million special initiative to support local communities fight crime in western North Dakota and on the MHA Nation.
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Legislators get Day 2 of Oil Patch tour: Local leaders hope to show guests a dose of reality

(The Dickinson Press)

When legislators and local government leaders in the Oil Patch make their case for more funding in the next legislative session, they want those from outside the region to have seen the situation firsthand.
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ND residents like living in ND


A Gallup poll released yesterday found that people in North Dakota like living there. The state ranked very high in resident satisfaction in schools, job availibility, air quality, and overall standard of living. North Dakota ranked number one on an array of areas including economics, public affairs, education, the environment and general well-being. Governer Jack Dalrymple explained that North Dakota has been dedicated to creating jobs and helping its economy to thrive for some time now. The state’s average income has more than doubled since the year 2000.
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