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Advanced Distributed Cocurrent Gasifier

Advanced Distributed Cocurrent Gasifier
The advanced distributed cocurrent gasifier (ADCG) was developed to gasify biomass and coal for use in downstream applications such as a microturbine or combustor. Carbonaceous feedstock is fed through the bottom and air injected approximately a third of the way up the gasifier. Depending on the physical characteristics of the feedstock, the gasifier acts as a cocurrent fixed-bed gasifier or a slurry gasifier. Two downstream cyclones are used to filter particulates out of the gas stream. Char and ash are removed by an auger at the top of the gasifier.

Operating Conditions

  • Output capacity: ~150 kW thermal (500,000 Btu/hr)
  • Nominal feed rate: ~67 lb/hr
  • Nominal temperature: 930°–1110°F (500°– 600°C)
  • Pressure: <5 psig

System Dimensions

  • 10 ft long
  • 10 ft wide
  • 15 ft high


  • Dry biomass
  • Coal

Data Collection

A data acquisition/control system is used to monitor/record all critical temperatures, pressures, and emissions throughout the system.


  • Built in 2010