Air Quality III: Mercury, Trace Elements, and Particulate Matter Conference

When and Where Was Air Quality III Held?  top
The Air Quality III Conference was held September 10–12, 2002, at the Marriott Crystal Gateway in Arlington, Virginia.

Conference Photo Gallery  top
Photos taken at the conference.

Who Were the Conference Sponsors?  top
The conference was collaboratively organized and sponsored by the Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) which also took the lead role in organizing the conference, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through the EERC’s Center for Air Toxic Metals, the U.S. Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), and EPRI .

Why Was This Conference Held?  top
Mercury and airborne particulate matter are two air pollutants that continue to receive much attention and be of great concern. The first two Air Quality Conferences reviewed the state of science and policy on airborne pollutants, mainly from utility power generation, with a focus on mercury and particulate matter emissions. The Air Quality III Conference comprised two streams of discussion: one focused on mercury and the other on trace elements and particulate matter. The Air Quality Conferences have provided an opportunity for science, government, and business representatives to meet, discuss, and develop proactive responses to breakthroughs, questions, and concerns involving air quality. These interactions proved to be very valuable at the Air Quality III Conference, particularly in regard to EPA’s schedule to propose regulations for mercury emissions from coal- and oil-fired power plants by December 15, 2003.

What Did the Technical Program Include?  top
Keynote presentations were provided by The Honorable Byron Dorgan, U.S. Senator (ND); Jeffrey Holmstead, Assistant Administrator of Air and Radiation, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; and Rita Bajura, Director, U.S. Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory. In addition to the two streams of technical papers, a Panel on Environmental Policy was held, as well as a poster session focusing on the same session topics provided in the two technical streams.

A number of key individuals representing industry and government participated in the conference as session chairs and presenters. To find out more about the presenters and topics covered, please access the conference final program.

Was an Exhibit Held?  top
A limited exhibit was provided for 16 vendors, and exhibit space was filled for the conference. An Air Quality III Exhibitor Directory is included here for your information.

Who Attended the Air Quality III Conference?  top
The conference was considered a great success on the part of the organizers, with over 400 attendees from 36 states and 15 countries attending. The demographic breakdown showed approximately 49% of the attendees represented industry, followed by government at 23%, and research at 23%. The remaining 5% included consulting organizations, media, and students.

What Did Attendees Have to Say About the Conference?  top
Extremely positive feedback was received from the attendees, including the following:

Are Conference Proceedings Available?  top
Proceedings are available in the form of a hard copy, three-ring binder, or on CD-ROM for a cost of US$75.00. Hard copy (three-ring binder) only is available for Air Quality I and II Proceedings. If you would like a copy of the proceedings from any of the three Air Quality Conferences, please contact:

Anne Fiala
PO Box 9018
Grand Forks, ND 58202-9018
Phone: (701) 777-3119
Fax: (701) 777-5181

Will Another Air Quality Conference Be Held?  top
Plans are already under way for Air Quality IV, which will be held September 22–24, 2003. The conference will be held at:

Marriott Crystal Gateway
Arlington, VA

The Air Quality IV Call for Papers was sent out in early December, 2002, and is available on the Air Quality IV web site. If you would like to be added to the Air Quality mailing list, please contact:

Clara Chambers
PO Box 9018
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