Research and Development Showcase II
The second annual North Dakota University System (NDUS) Research and Development (R&D) Showcase was held December 9, 2002, at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota

The event was sponsored by the NDUS, the North Dakota Department of Commerce, North Dakota EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research), North Dakota State University (NDSU), the University of North Dakota (UND), and the UND Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC).

Showcase Overview

R&D Showcase II proved to be an exciting one as it gave North Dakota legislators, university personnel, community leaders, and members of the private sector a firsthand look at the progress of R&D, demonstration, and commercialization in the Red River Valley. Using the NDUS as an engine for economic development, the event outlined a plan to launch more university–private sector partnerships and developed a goal for the future growth of the Red River Valley Research Corridor Concept.

This event also focused on EPSCoR, the NDSU research and technology park and the EERC and its foundation as a model for technology commercialization. The showcase included a tour of the EERC. Attendees had the opportunity to visit with individuals from the NDUS who have been associated with moving ideas from research into the marketplace.
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Highlighted presentations included a keynote presentation by North Dakota Governor John Hoeven on "Growing/Reinventing North Dakota." U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan gave the luncheon address entitled "Success with Research Corridors."

Photo Highlights
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Showcase Demographics

More than 250 participants took part in this year's R&D Showcase—about 100 more attendees than R&D Showcase I in Bismarck last March. The final registration number for the showcase included attendees from 28 North Dakota communities, six Minnesota cities, and six from other states and two from Washington, D.C. The breakdown of attendees is as follows: 41% university-related, 24% private businesses, and 12% government representatives. The remaining 23% included researchers and other attendees.

Attendee Comments

Here's what some of the event participants had to say about R&D Showcase II . . .

  • " What's exciting between the first and second conference is the number of people in attendance and the level of discussion about establishing a research corridor in the Red River Valley. Let's seize the day! Don't forget your sunglasses because the future is bright, and we're going to need our shades."–Larry Isaac, Chancellor, North Dakota University System, Bismarck, ND
  • "The concept is fundamentally important to our state. Combining the efforts in higher education with the efforts in economic development . . . I think we're heading in the right direction!"–North Dakota Governor John Hoeven
  • "This is a good way to show what we have here and how to put it into good use. What we're doing is building a spirit. I'm seeing changes in attitude that I haven't seen before!"–Mike Polovitz, North Dakota Senator, District 42
  • "It’s great to see the crowd here—the representatives from the legislature and civic leaders are excellent! The commitment from the legislature [is what we need] to put these resources in place. We need quality educators to keep this going."–Charles Kupchella, President, University of North Dakota
  • "In terms of the event itself, I thought it was well conceived, and given the inherent limitation of covering such a complex and important subject in one day, it effectively built upon and integrated both the initial showcase itself and the types of research, commercialization, industrial relationship, political policy initiative, and the economic development activities that have already been accomplished or are now under way in the region and the state."–Mark Krauseneck, President and CEO, Grand Forks Region Economic Development Corporation
  • "This is a long journey. . . this is about change, change takes time and it’s not something that's welcomed by the general population. The R&D Showcase is all about a new way of looking at the future. Our universities can be an engine for economic development but not by themselves. It will also take the combined efforts of our congressional delegation, governor, legislators, city and county leaders, and private organizations to make it happen. The showcase gives attendees a good view of some of the important opportunities in our region."–Gerald Groenewold, EERC Director