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About the Course
Everyone understands the convenience of flipping on a light switch, but it is the rare person who considers how this convenience is produced and what is left behind after energy is created. This course will take you behind the scenes of coal-fired energy production to learn how energy is produced and what happens to the by-products.

The course offers a unique blend of science disciplines including geology, chemistry, and engineering. Educators attending the workshop will participate in hands-on classroom experiments targeted to middle and high school students.

This event is sponsored in part by Great River Energy and U.S. Department of Energy.

Earn Science Graduate Credit
The University of North Dakota Department of Continuing Education will issue 1 graduate credit (geology) upon satisfactory completion of course requirements. To meet the full course requirements, attendees are required to attend all class meetings. Those unable to attend the entire course will not receive credit. Students are expected to participate in group discussion on Tuesday and demonstrate their increased knowledge base.

Historical Location
The Headwaters Fort Mandan Visitor Center will serve as a remarkable backdrop to teach a message on environmental stewardship because the building was constructed of products that contain coal combustion by-products (CCBs).  

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