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Conference Overview

Hard copies and CD-ROM versions of the final proceedings are available for US$150 each. Contact Anne Fiala, Event Manager, by phone at (701) 777-3119 or by e-mail at for more information.

The Air Quality VI Conference held September 24-27, 2007, in Arlington, Virginia, provided an opportunity for representatives of the research community, policy makers, regulators, and private industry to pave the way toward protecting the environment while achieving energy independence and economic growth worldwide.

The Air Quality VI Conference focused on mercury, trace elements, SO3, particulate matter, and greenhouse gases in the environment. The goal of the Air Quality VI Conference was to provide comprehensive educational sessions on potential health issues, new control technologies, research needs, and current regulatory policies surrounding the energy industry.

Conference sponsors included the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through the EERC's Center for Air Toxic Metals® (CATM®), and the Electric Power Research Institute.

The keynote speakers at this year's conference were (in order of appearance) Kent Conrad, U.S. Senator (D-North Dakota); C.H. "Bud" Albright, Jr., U.S. Under Secretary of Energy; Carl Bauer, Director, DOE NETL; Earl Pomeroy, Representative in Congress (D-North Dakota); and Byron L. Dorgan, U.S. Senator (D-North Dakota).


Air Quality VI Presenters

Attendee Comments
Attendee comments from the Air Quality VI Conference included:

  • "Very informative conference - good mix of policy and technology." Thomas Houlihan, Eco Energy Solutions
  • "An excellent opportunity to exchange information and make new industry contacts." Douglas Ritzenthaler, American Electric Power
  • "Senator Conrad had a pertinent and fact-based presentation." David Capozella, Wisconsin Public Service Corporation
  • "I chose this conference over the other meetings that were being held at the same time because of the better opportunities for networking and the wide variety of papers being presented." Jeff Gerken, American Electric Power
  • "Really good review of status of Hg situation and other air quality issues and where we are heading. A 'must-attend' conference for both utilities and regulators." Ian Clark, EPCOR Generation
  • "It was an excellent conference, both technically and organizationally… the best I've attended in 30 years!" Mike Rini, Alstom Power

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