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Biomass '06: Power, Fuels, and Chemicals Workshop

Biomass '06 Presenters
The Biomass '06: Power, Fuels, and Chemicals Workshop, July 18-19, 2006, in Grand Forks, North Dakota at the Energy & Environmental Research Center focused on key advances in technologies for making power, chemicals, and transportation fuels from biomass (or agricultural products such as straw, corn, and wood residue). Advances in conventional and new methods for production of biodiesel and ethanol were highlighted as well as the production of hydrogen from biomass.

The workshop featured top industry representatives from companies such as Cargill, Great River Energy, Xethanol, Archer Daniels Midland Company, Siemens Power Generation, and the North Dakota Department of Commerce.

Biomass '06 drew in 188 attendees from 136 organizations, 25 states, 7 Canadian provinces, and 4 countries (the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Arab Emirates). Attendees represented the following industries:
Community and Economic Developers7%
Financial Organizations, Landowners, and Media 9%

Comments from participants included:
"The best organized workshop I have attended in at least a decade."
"A very impressive line-up of presenters, an exciting look into the future, in a first class facility."
"A nice blend of industry and research focusing on a single issue."

Biomass '06 Attendees
Technical Coordinator,
Chris Zygarlicke

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