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Mercury Measurement in Combustion
Flue Gases Short Course

Short Course Summary

The Mercury Measurement in Combustion Flue Gases Short Course (CMM Short Course) was held for a third time at the Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) on May 16-18, 2006. The short course was designed to train personnel who have an interest in measuring mercury in combustion flue gases and provided information as to what methods to use and under what circumstances they should be used. Most importantly, the short course provided attendees with the knowledge necessary to avoid the many pitfalls that can and do occur when measuring mercury in combustion flue gases.

Opportunities for interaction between attendees and EERC research personnel to discuss specific mercury measurement problems that have been encountered were promoted. The number of participants was limited to facilitate this interaction.

The EERC has, as its foundation, world-renowned expertise in mercury measurement and the use of continuous mercury monitors (CMMs). Several of the EERC presenters have over 20 years of experience in coal-fired power generation and 10 years of mercury measurement experience. The Ontario Hydro (OH) method was validated at the EERC, and ASTM International procedures were written by EERC personnel.

Training Course Demographics
This session of the CMM Short Course attracted a diverse group of 23 attendees representing 15 organizations, 2 countries, and 11 states. Attendees represented the following job functions:
Instrument Technician17%
Environment Management13%

Attendee Comments
"Very knowledgeable instructors!"
"I'll recommend this course to as many folks as I can. I really value having EERC personnel available to share their experiences."
"Hoards of knowledge . . . I love learning about experience from the groups and like very much discussions over breakfast and lunch. Good length of program - short enough & long enough!"
"No improvements needed. We heard it from the best."

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