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National Center for Hydrogen Technology®(NCHT®)

Hydrogen will likely become the primary energy carrier in the future. However, utilization of hydrogen as fuel for fuel cells, turbines, and internal combustion engines will require significant technology and infrastructure development. The challenges in advancing toward a hydrogen economy include both developing and improving individual components and also integrating and testing various modules together as a complete hydrogen system, from production through utilization.

The EERC has a long history of developing, testing, and integrating modular technologies for the production and utilization of hydrogen and is the National Center for Hydrogen Technology® (NCHT®). Specifically, the EERC has unique, world-class experience in the production of hydrogen from both fossil and renewable fuels, gas separation and purification through conventional and advanced methods, development of on-demand hydrogen fueling systems, and utilization of the hydrogen via direct combustion and in fuel cells.

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National Center for Hydrogen Technology® (NCHT®)