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Energy Systems

  • Obtain thermal profiles of fouling deposits and surface temperatures that will provide experimental model verification.
  • Study temperature profiles for NOx to evaluate the effectiveness of various fuels.
  • Examine the condition of refractory-lined vessels.
  • Monitor combustion chamber heat exchanger tube condition and surface temperatures in situ.
  • Provide a quick, positive method for locating and observing blocked tubes, ash, and slag formation dynamics.
  • Perform surveys of advanced high-temperature alloys.

Environmental Solutions

  • Locate areas of suspected hazardous waste spills.
  • Monitor potential underground storage tank leaks.
  • Perform hazardous waste container surveys to determine level of contaminant in containers.

Nondestructive Evaluation

  • Determine subsurface structural (corrosion) defects.
  • Diagnose the quality of welds and joints.
  • Nondestructively evaluate structural integrity and detect hazardous residue levels in conveyance systems and storage vessels during decontamination.

Preventive/Predictive Maintenance

Mechanical and electrical equipment thermal inspection:

  • Scan moving machinery and energized electrical panels under load.
  • Locate areas of higher resistance or load imbalance.

HVAC Equipment Inspection

  • Detect water, steam, and gas leaks.
  • Determine performance of burners, condensers, compressors, and cooling towers.
  • Survey steam tubes and insulation for hot spots.

Energy Efficiency

Surveys to locate and monitor:

  • Thermal energy leaks.
  • Areas of missing or poor insulation.
  • Areas of worn, missing, or faulty weather stripping.
  • Condition of roofing and exterior wall insulation systems.
  • Radiant heating wires or pipes.

Potential Innovative Uses

  • Veterinary applications.
  • Medical applications.
  • Grain elevator evaluation.