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System Capabilities

System Description

  • The infrared radiometer is a FLIR Systems, Inc. (FSI) ThermaCAM SC 1000, field-portable, handheld, camcorder-sized, digital, thermal imaging system.
  • The system uses a Stirling cycle-cooled platinum silicide detector that provides high-resolution, short-wave (3.4–5.0 µm) response optimized for a wide range of basic and high-temperature industrial and environmental applications.

Storage and Analysis Capacity

  • The advanced 256 x 256 focal plane array detector can digitally store and analyze the equivalent of over 65,500 discrete temperature points in a single image.
  • The camera can store about one thousand 12-bit images on a removable 64-MB PCMCIA memory card for later viewing and analyzing.

Information Processing

  • In combination with the AGEMA Researcher real-time digital image-processing software, the SC 1000 can feed real-time data directly to a personal computer for videolike recording at 5–7 frames a second and instant analysis.
  • Spot, maximum, minimum, average, and delta temperatures are recorded digitally and can be viewed either on the camera monitor using the onboard software or on a computer monitor during real-time data capture or postprocessing.
  • Since the radiometer is digital, a high-resolution image is produced such that each pixel has a discrete temperature value.
  • For immediate viewing and analysis, the system uses a 3-in. color LCD screen.

Preventive/Predictive Maintenance

Mechanical and electrical equipment thermal inspection:

  • Scan moving machinery and energized electrical panels under load.
  • Locate areas of higher resistance or load imbalance.

Camera Range, Sensitivity, and Accuracy

  • Temperature range of -10° to 2000°C
  • Thermal sensitivity of less than 0.07°C
  • Accuracy of ±2°C