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Infrared testing is one of the most widely recognized forms of nondestructive testing in use today. Infrared research and analysis performed by experienced scientists and engineers provide a significant advantage to preventive and predictive maintenance programs.

The EERC has demonstrated research experience and capabilities utilizing infrared technology. Projects include the following:

  • Furnace inspections
  • Advanced, high-temperature heat exchanger evaluation
  • Measurement of glass, plastics, and/or gases
  • Environmental monitoring of point-source discharges, crop production, or underground storage tank evaluation
  • Thermal characteristics of flowing slag in a pulverized coal combustion system
  • Buried steam line location
  • Thermal profile and heat loss analysis of the transport reactor development unit at the EERC
  • General equipment predictive and preventive maintenance at UND
  • Building efficiency and ice sheet thermal profile at Ralph Engelstad Arena

Digital infrared radiometry can be used for advanced, nondestructive, predictive, and diagnostic evaluations. Through the use of infrared technology available in electronic cameras, heat patterns can be analyzed to identify maintenance problems. Infrared analysis can locate potential problems before they cause failure, which will accomplish the following:

  • Reducing unscheduled downtime
  • Reducing equipment damage
  • Saving energy and increasing efficiency
  • Improving quality control
  • Meeting regulatory requirements
  • Improving safety

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