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Particulate Research Laboratory

Particulate Research Laboratory
The Particulate Research Laboratory (PRL) specializes in flue gas sampling on bench-, pilot-, and full-scale systems including boilers and power generation facilities. PRL staff have extensive training in emission testing and sampling.

The PRL includes the Mercury Research Laboratory, where mercury sampling can be done in real time at any scale. Two bench-scale systems are capable of simulating flue gas conditions such as temperature, particulate loadings, air-to-cloth ratios, and various gas concentrations (e.g., SO2, O2, CO, CO2). The PRL's particulate-sizing capabilities include near-real-time particle sizing. A mobile sampling unit allows particle-sizing and mercury-sampling equipment to be used in the field, and PRL staff have extensive mercury field test experience.

PRL staff maintain and certify calibration of equipment used for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved sampling procedures and have set up a database that includes most EPA and EPA-proposed sampling methods.

Bench-Scale Testing Services

The following testing services are available through the PRL:

  • Bench-scale mercury work
  • Bench-scale particle reentrainment
  • Screening of potential sorbents and/or filter materials
  • SOx/NOx work
  • Ammonia work
  • Catalyst evaluations
  • Ash and particle characteristics testing, including cohesion measurements and ash resistivity

Equipment and Instrumentation

Particulate-Sizing Capabilities

Sampling Methods

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