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Reducing Our Carbon Footprint: The Role of Markets

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"Reducing Our Carbon Footprint: The Role of Markets" was produced by Prairie Public Broadcasting, Fargo, North Dakota, in collaboration with the PCOR Partnership managed by the University of North Dakota's Energy & Environmental Research Center. "Reducing Our Carbon Footprint" premiered to the general public April 17, 2008, on Prairie Public Television and is the second in a series of documentaries that will be produced by the PCOR Partnership and Prairie Public Broadcasting.

This 30-minute feature is full of information on anthropogenic (human) CO2 emissions, including where they come from and how markets are playing a role in reducing emissions. This documentary addresses the following questions:

  • What is anthropogenic (human) CO2?
  • Why be concerned about human CO2 emissions?
  • What is the relationship between energy, the economy, and human CO2 emissions?
  • What are the strategies for controlling human CO2 emissions?
  • What is the role of markets in helping to finance carbon reductions?
  • What are the basic approaches to carbon markets?
  • How are emission reductions (carbon credits) developed?
  • What is carbon trading?
  • What types of projects are being supportedin developing economies?
  • How does terrestrial CO2 sequestration fit into the picture?
  • How does geologic CO2 sequestration fit into the picture?
  • Where can I learn more?

The documentary also provides information on the U.S. Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory's seven Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships and their role in assessing opportunities for carbon sequestration across North America.

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