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EERC Plains CO2 Reduction Partnership Expands
May 28, 2004

(GRAND FORKS, N.D.) -- The Energy & Environmental Research Center's (EERC's) Plains CO2 Reduction (PCOR) Partnership now includes a study on the role of wetlands in sequestering carbon and has expanded to include four more states in the northern Great Plains and Midwest.

In addition to the initial five states (North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, and Wyoming) and two Canadian provinces (Saskatchewan and Manitoba), the PCOR Partnership now includes Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin. The U.S. Geological Survey will be studying the potential positive impacts of reclaiming the wetlands region extending from Iowa to Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

The EERC received over $1.5 million in federal funding to support the initial program, as well as nearly a half a million dollars from more than 30 private entities around the region. With the addition of the four new states, the project total is now nearly $3 million.

"The new states and activities offer excellent synergies to the program which will enable the EERC and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to enhance their ability to economically address carbon sequestration," said EERC Associate Director for Research Tom Erickson.

Led by the EERC, the PCOR Partnership is one of seven regional teams in DOE's nationwide carbon sequestration study. It is a collaborative regional framework to control carbon dioxide emissions and help explore new methods for carbon sequestration—a means of protecting the environment by capturing carbon dioxide and storing the emissions.

"This project is all about sequestration of carbon dioxide and using it to increase economic development and our nation's energy security," said EERC Director Gerald Groenewold. "One potential sequestration strategy being studied in Phase I, the use of CO2 for enhanced oil recovery, could help to rejuvenate the Williston Basin in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba."

In addition to the EERC and DOE, participating partners include Amerada Hess Corporation; Basin Electric Power Cooperative; Bechtel Corporation; the Center for Energy & Economic Development; the Chicago Climate Exchange; Dakota Gasification Company; Ducks Unlimited Canada; Eagle Operating, Inc.; Environment Canada; Fischer Oil and Gas, Inc.; Great River Energy; the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission; the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency; Montana–Dakota Utilities Co.; the Montana Department of Environmental Quality; the Montana Public Service Commission; the Natural Resources Trust; Nexant, Inc.; the North Dakota Department of Health; the North Dakota Geological Survey; the North Dakota Industrial Commission (NDIC); the NDIC Oil and Gas Division; the North Dakota Petroleum Council; North Dakota State University; Otter Tail Power Company; the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council; Prairie Public Television; Tesoro Refinery; the U.S. Geological Survey – Jamestown; and the Western Governors' Association.

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For more information contact: Ed Steadman, EERC Senior Research Advisor, at (701) 777-5279 or; John Harju, EERC Associate Director for Research, at (701)777-5157 or; or Gerald Groenewold, EERC Director, at (701) 777-5131 or